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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  July 27, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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school in baltimore county. why the big push? >> live, local, late breaking, this is wbal tv 11 news and 6:00. >> 6 days and counting. that is all the time lawmakers have to make a dead deal. >> our 11 is washington bureau reporter has been coverage tonight. >> there are two plans on the table. >> the american people have had enough. we need action and we needed now. >> frustration on the floor over the debt ceiling. >> squabbling is not a solution. >> here we are. six days away from a deadline. >> rival plans under review. >> there is only one option, and that is the one speaker boehner has proposed. >> congressional budget analysts
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found that the boehner proposal would not cut as much as promised. >> the boehner proposal would add $7 trillion to the debt over the next 10 years. that is an acceptable. some conservatives are warming up. >> i think part of governing is being able to say, this is good enough for us to work for. >> senate leaders say it is dead on arrival. >> the boehner plan is not going to pass. why? because it is not a solution. >> senate majority leader harry reid pushed for a competing measure that would cut spending by $2.7 trillion. >> senator reid's plan offers the potential to break this impasse. >> but some democrats are calling for another fallback option, suggesting the president raised the debt ceiling himself. >> it is not a plausible way to address this problem, and we do not think it is an option.
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>> the white house still believes compromise is possible. they will vote on the boehner plan thursday. >> the debt debate in washington proposes a double those of trouble for maryland. we are so dependent on federal spending, tens of thousands of jobs are likely online. our correspondent is live in the newsroom with that story. >> many economists believe the u.s. government is about to lose its lofty aaa credit rating because any deal this late is not enough to reduce the country's debt. what would that mean? >> be prepared to see your interest rates rise. >> interest rates are going to go up across the board. >> it will be the result if the country's credit rating is downgraded, making the country's
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debt more expensive. >> as interest rates spike up, he will say that reverberates through mortgage loans, lines of credit for business, consumers. >> he is among the economists to believe the credit ratings will go south ballot -- the matter what happens in washington over the next few days. the governor asks what is the backup plan if the government stops paying its bills? >> we have not been given a list of what checks are going to go out from the federal government to states and which ones will not go lau. so, it is not possible at this point for us to make contingency plans. >> there is more worry for maryland down the road. big cuts in federal spending are more likely than ever. >> we are going to live by the sword and die by the sword. >> if that is contracted, we
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have to be very careful in maryland. we will get really hammered by the decrease in federal spending. >> hal hammer? 150,000 jobs in maryland may be on the line. >> it will have a substantial impact on the maryland economy. >> the governor urged caution. he says maryland has to be less dependent on federal jobs and more on the private sector. tv 11 news. >> with all the talk on the debt crisis, we will explain how it could at sector finances. we explain more at we will help you reach your lawmaker ensure your reaction. >> the man convicted of killing
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a baltimore police detective was sentenced for 10 years behind bars. stevenson was killed when he was hit by a piece of concrete during an argument over parking space. he was celebrating his birthday. another homicide just a day after three people were found shot to death inside a burning home. of 47-year-old man was found slumped over in his car from a fatal gunshot wound. this happened early this morning. we're joined live from police headquarters. >> rod, police have not released the name of the 47-year-old man. investigators are very concerned. after a preliminary search, they noticed this person did not have a police record, leading them to believe there's a possibility this case was random or a case of mistaken identity.
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baltimore city police are trying to figure out why a 47-year-old man with no police record was found dead inside his vehicle at the 3600 block of chesterfield avenue and northeast. >> it does not appear he has had any encounters with local law enforcement in baltimore. >> it was 1:30 wednesday morning when an emergency crews were called to the area for a car crash. when they arrive, they discovered that the victim had been shot. >> an unknown individual approached the vehicle, fired at least twice at the vehicle. >> police say the suspect fled and the victim attended to drive away, crashing into a parked car and coming to a stop. >> very surprised. we do not usually have activity like that in the neighborhood. it is very quiet and peaceful. this is the first time we have ever seen something like that go
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on. >> neighbors already on edge after st. neighbors were found shot to death inside a burning home on nicholas potrero avenue. as far as the victim, those familiar with him do not know why someone wanted to kill them. at least the neighborhood with a lot of questions. >> what was behind it, caused it? what was the reason? it is not something that normally happens. not on the street. >> police say they have been able to determine this murder is not related to the triple murder in that burning home, but they are still looking for animation in both cases. if you can help, call -- with our live outside baltimore city police headquarters, downtown. >> anne arundel county police and need your help tracking down a suspect in a deadly it and run
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accident. -- hit and run accident. it happened on the morning of july 14. she is described as african- american female, between 30 and 40, wearing pink medical scrubs. she was driving either a dark- colored ford escape or a cheap liberty. police in baltimore county need your help to find this man who robbed a pnc bank. police say this man handed a teller a note demanding money and brandishing a weapon. he fled with an undisclosed amount of cash. if you should know who we is, call crime as a stoppers'. -- if you should know who he is, called crimestoppers. >> time is starting to run up to register for thousands of baltimore county students. the district is giving parents until mid-august to turn in
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paperwork. tim tooten joins us with more. >> this is a friendly reminder for parents who may have just moved to baltimore county or two would new home within baltimore county. -- or to a new home within of mark kelly. as administrators make plans, they want to make sure parents of all the paperwork in order and on time. >> it is key. we need to know who is coming into our school system. we need to make requests for extra staffing if it is needed. we need to make sure they are feeling comfortable with their first day of school. >> the registration deadline is august 12. parents like lisa, whose daughter will be a six spreader,
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have made registration a priority. >> i need to be enrolled her -- whose daughter will be a sixth grader. >> i got it taking care of. we are set. >> parents need important pieces of intimation. photo identification, a copy of a lease or it, and in some cases their child immunization records. >> i am excited because i will be able to walk the hallways and say hey to them. >> they also need to make plans for students who may need special services. to find out more about the county registration process, just log on to our website and click on a good education
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alerts." >> stay with us. much more ahead. >> training camp for the ravens, but ms. you will hear it in sports. >> i knew tropical storm in the gulf of mexico. the forecast is coming up. right now, 89 of the airport. right now, 89 of the airport. 91 d
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>> tonight, new questions about holding maryland judges accountable. >> and it explains why we do not hear a lot about judges contracts. >> we showed in a previous story held -- how most disciplinary
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actions are kept confidential. in how far does the system go to keep it that way? >> when i left the courtroom that day, i thought i was going to have a mental breakdown. i could not believe what i was hearing. >> jim is the father of our rape victim. in january 2009, his teenage daughter was raped by three teenage boys during a party at a montgomery county apartment. the during the hearing, the judge mostly talked not about them, but gemma's daughter, affectively blaming her. jim about a complaint. but what happened next -- >> that is how i feel about a. >> what he was asked to do tonight at 11:00. >> health officials say three people died from heat-related conditions last week.
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three victims were a baltimore mohrmann, a somerset county man, and a prince george's county man. richard a baltimore woman. >> now your 11 insta-weather plus forecast. >> we could not keep the temperature below 90, at least not officially. at the airport, 90 on the button. once again, temperatures in the 90's. baltimore, normal. 87. a lot of rain came down on this day back in 2004. here are the number of 90-degree days. 20 of those came this month. via 1990-degree days or hotter from july of last year.
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we are facing a little bit behind last year. is hotter this july than it was last july. in normal number of 90-degree days -- 19. 11 more would be normal through july 27. the last time we did not hit july, july 16. the record straight for 90- degree days, we have always to go. -- a ways to go. 91 downtown right now. 88 in westminster. then you get the heat relieve. of germany's, -- the upper mountains, alleghany. the storms look like they will stay to our north. we have little bit of cloud cover tonight that might prevent
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some cooling-off. if we can keep it clear long enough, we could see some cloth -- clouds in the 60's. it has been quite a stretch. high pressure to the north. index warm front is organizing and that will bring high heat and humidity into our neighborhood. in the meantime, we have a tropical storm don. it is expected to get stronger as it crosses the gulf of mexico. it is forecast to be a pretty healthy tropical storm. 60 miles per hour winds as it bears down on corpus christi. if it can stay on minimal tropical storm, there could be problems for the coastal area of texas, but they are bone dry and very hot, so maybe this tropical storm could bring them some he believed and much-needed
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rain. hopefully if it does not get too strong, it could be beneficial tropical storm. friday, a friend tries to coming in, but it will be a steamy day friday. -- friday, a front tries to come in. the wins will be fairly light of the south. loan 90 fell around the bay. 93 around cambridge. temperatures getting to 90. the hottest day appears to be friday. we may approach 100. the heat index is over 100. >> and deegan find summer fun all over maryland with our special guide to summer -- and you can find summer fun all over maryland with our special guide to summer. is all gone
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click on summer. >> and now 11 sports. >> ravens trading can. he was clear and a couple of issues. do not think he can become an elite qb. he knows that will put pressure on him and ray rice. he has won playoffs in each of his three seasons. enos a quarterback will always -- he knows a quarterback will always have critics. it is part of the job. >> i think i've gotten better each year. i am pretty darn good. i do not understand it. there is nothing you can do about it. people are going to say what
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they are going to say. we of one football games every year i have been here. the bottom line is you have to win a big game. until then, you know, it is the world we live in. there is one good quarterback and 31 not good ones. >> joe's want -- joe wants to be the good 1. you can see the team practice at 6:00. it will be open to the public and free. you can see that came right here on tv 11 and here it on -- hear it on .98 rock. the first no-hitter at
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progressive field. naturally it came against the indians. on this bill back in 2005 when they call that jacobs field, they gave up or run, and it check it out. howie kendrick dives to his right. then the final out. michael bradley. third no-hitter in the majors this year. 3-1 angels win. have to fill all whittle lucky. they only played one game on this road trip. they are out of the game. good news. back in the lineup tonight.
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clearly the best off-season acquisition for the orioles this year. 5 r.b.i.'s.
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>> it is the end of an era
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>> as many of you may know, this is my last day at 11 days. nothing will stay the same, but i will miss sitting here with my three guys and doing the news every single night. i have other things ahead of me, i am sure. i want to thank you for
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